Papers, Please!

Oh yes! Traveling overseas, as fun as the prospects of visiting new places and countries sound, does not come without a price/burden. Unless you are a diplomat or hold a US / EU passport, you will most likely need to double check a country’s entry requirements before deciding to purchase a ticket and fly there.

When I first migrated to the US, I was shocked to find out how many people actually do not hold a passport, yet along a visa. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find that most people to not realize that different countries’ have entry requirements, and they are usually based on the purpose of travel.  

If you are like me, really enjoy traveling but having to fill out so many papers before doing so, this blog post is for you. Below is what my husband and I usually rely on to find out the many different pieces of information regarding what papers are needed, if any before we actually go anywhere.

1. The International Air Transport Association – For anything related to entry requirements / restrictions, health concerns, customs rules and currencies for different countries around the world.

2. VisaHQ – A quick way to tell whether a visa is required. This website also offers assistance with obtaining such documents for most places. Although the IATA site is the most reliable and accurate source of information the airlines use.


3. State Department Website – We mostly use this site to be aware of any recently published travel advisories. It can also be used for obtaining U.S passports or visas.

4. CIBT – A travel visa and passport company, similar to visahq, who also have requirements regarding different countries’ entry requirements and assist you (for a fee of course) with obtaining the necessary documents.


There are multiple other ways to find out what is needed, starting from calling your own travel agency if you have one to even the airline you are traveling.

Most definitely worth doing your homework prior to purchasing your plane ticket.


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