When in Maui…

My lovely husband’s Christmas gift to me in 2017 was…can you guess it… a trip to Hawaii! Man, I have been imploring him for a visit of these islands for months now. Finally!

With only so few days and so many places to explore, we made sure to make time for what we had prioritized on our to-do list. I have in this post summarized how we have spent our time there as suggestions for your upcoming trip to this beautiful Hawaiian island.

Therefore, when in Maui do:

1. Take the Road to Hana

I am certain you have heard of the precarious scenic route of the island, #roadtohana. Tight curves, narrow streets, blind spots, one lane bridges, speedy drivers you name it. My husband was a tad hesitant to venture out on this route. We both were in the end delighted to have given it a try. The unexpected waterfalls, the mountain views all made the scary drive worth it every skipped heartbeat. Don’t forget to stop occasionally and try the fruits from the local street vendors along the way, and enjoy the scenery.

2. Visit the Maui Tropical Plantation

I know…not the typical thing you would do there. But believe me it is an enchanting place. The plantation is full of the most beautiful and gardens you can find. They offer short tours of the grounds for a reasonable price. It also make for a wonderful family trip, for those of who with little ones. If you want to be a tad adventurous, check out the ziplining company on site. Be sure to reserve your spot ahead of your travels as they do get filled up for this raher popular outdoor activity.

3. Hike the short trail of Iao Valley State Monument

The Iao Valley State Monument is just a short ride from the city center area. The park just opened when we pulled up, therefore it was very quiet. The hike itself to the lookout point is less than 1 mile and well worth it.

4. Take a drive up the hill to Wailuku

Whenever we travel somewhere, my husband and I we always try if possible to drive through the different neighborhoods and get a feel for our surroundings. In Maui, we did exactly that and the quiet Wailuku neighborhood did not disappoint. Most of the beautiful homes we saw seat on top of the hill, overlooking the bay area.

So long Maui… Or next trip we plan to definitely hike the west mountains for even more stunning views…

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