D.C. Sites / Memorials Worth Seeing

Washington D.C. is one of my favorites U.S. cities to visit. Recently, my husband and I went there on a family trip with my mother and brother. We had a wonderful time, despite all the walking around. We scheduled our days there efficiently, from sunrise until sunset, in order to not kiss any of the important sites. It was my mother and brother’s first time visiting and we made sure they had a marvelous and worthwhile time. There is so much to see and do in D.C.

Below I summarized the sites and memorials that, in my humble point of view, are worth checking out. There are however multiple other places and museums there that will not disappoint either.

Contrary to popular belief, you can visit the west wing of the White House I believe. It simply requires you going through your congressional district’s office to be approved at least three weeks prior to your intended date of visit. Similarly, the Capitol Building also requires a pre-registration through your Congressional Office

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial


Washington Monument


World War II Memorial


Thomas Jefferson Memorial


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial


Abraham Lincoln Memorial


US Capitol Building


The White House


The Holocaust Museum


Vietnam War Memorial



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