My husband and I share, among many others, this major passion…traveling! I often tell people “even if to Pyongyang North Korea, I will go if I can” That’s how intense my desire to visit the rest of the world is.

After a long dry spell, we are finally able to travel to most countries…that will have us of course☺.

I never thought of myself as a blogger in the past. However, after being exposed to different places, cultures and people, what better way, I thought to myself to share our experiences and adventures than to write about them. Both good and bad.

With that in mind, One Thirsty Traveler was born! This space is designed to reveal our voyageur’s experiences with you, whomever you are and wherever you may be. I will post everything I can think of that relates to traveling, ranging from our own journeys, to travel tips and useful resources.

So come discover the world through our amateur traveler lenses. Hopefully you enjoy the site.  

Maui, Haiwaii


On this blog site you will find:

  • Travel Logs Category which contains diaries of places we have been to so far.


  • Travel Pins Category which are shorter posts reminiscing on a most memorable item, place, food, you name it during our travel days.


  • Travel Insights Category which are resources and advice that you hopefully will find useful as you embark on your travel journeys.


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